Homu retry log - cargo

Time (UTC) PR Message
2022-06-18 06:53:45 10754
@bors retry

Cannot tell why failed.

<img width="300" alt="image" src="https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/14314532/174426578-c06cd2e2-8ead-4ec9-9c2b-4e8ab6867480.png">
2022-05-12 23:16:54 10665
@bors retry

Network error connecting to ppa.launchpad.net
2022-05-11 21:15:04 10657
@bors retry

Posted #10660 to fix the test, which has about a 18% failure rate on my machine, let's hope this retry is lucky. 😉 
2022-05-10 21:53:51 10597
I'm not sure what went wrong, I haven't seen that test fail before. It looks like there was a fingerprint issue. It's definitely not related to this PR.

I'm having a hard time trying to come up with any theories as to why it failed. I ran some stress tests, and couldn't get it to fail. 🤷 

@bors retry